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About Jack Vettriano Prints

www.jackvettrianoprints.net is an online gallery for Jack Vettriano Art Prints

This website was developed with a view to providing everyone the opportunity to see art prints, canvas prints and limited printsĀ  created by the artist Jack Vettriano.

The art prints will be depicted as images, slide-shows and videos throughout the site and links will be in place pointing to our sister site Art Prints Gallery for those who wish to purchase prints by Jack Vettriano at discounted prices.

I do hope that you find the art prints displayed of interest, they all certainly seem to be able to tell a story !

The site will be constantly updated as more images become available, so please bookmark us and keep returning.

Please also feel free to post comments and provide feedback to help us improve the site.

Enjoy your visit !

3 Replies

  1. Has anybody information regarding the print of Fallen Angels. I have just purchased one on E-bay with the Portland Gallery name on but cannot seem to find pictures or information anywhere. Is it sooooooo rare?

  2. David Aug 9th 2011

    Hi Kay,
    Thanks for the post. I understand Fallen Angel is one of Jack Vettriano’s older prints, if it is a signed limited edition Jack Vettriano print it is indeed of some value, however if it is an Open Edition print it will not be worth much.

    Hope this helps.


  3. I have two limited edition prints, one is signed and called Yesterday’s Dream, bought in Edinburgh in 1996. The second is Model and the Drifter bought at the same time but not signed.
    They are both on Portland Gallery mounts
    Can you give me an idea of their value ?

    Thanks !

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